Saturday, May 2, 2009

We're in TN!!!

And we are having a good time!!

I will be back later to post a 'real' update!! I just wanted to 'pop' in and say we made it here safely, and we are having a good time!! :-) Right now we are at our Great Grandmother's house (we spent the night at her place last night) and we are getting things pack up so we can go eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel with our family!!

Anyway, I'll be back later with a longer update!!! :-)


Hannah said...

have fun!

Dana Lewis said...

Thanks!! :-)


Brandy said...

ooh,Cracker Barrel!!
that sounds SO good!!
too bad there isn't a CB around here!!


Hannah said...

we want pictures now! don't we Ashley???!!! we'll bug her until she does. ;)

Dana Lewis said...

Ashley -- There is so a CB around here, it's in Dothan! ;-)

Hannah -- We aren't home yet, cause we decided to stay an extra day in TN so we could do everything we wanted to do while we were there. I'll post pictures just as soon as I can!! :-)