Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tomorrow is the day!!

That we leave on our vacation!!! We still have a good bit to get done before tomorrow, but not a whole lot! :-) I need to finish the laundry, I only have four loads left!!
We already have most of the animals taken care of, but I still need to make a list for Matt and Jennifer so they know exactly what to do for the animals while we are gone! Anyway, I need to go do laundry now!!

Note to Ashley: Thanks a lot for sharing your cold with us! That was so very kind of you! We aren't all sick, I guess you must like some of us better than others, right?! You must like Luke, Elijah, Nehemiah, and me better than the rest of my family. Is that correct?! I just wanted to thank you for sharing!! ;-)


Ashley said... I gave poor Nehemiah A cold?
I didn't mean to do that!!

That could be neat.....someone from Tennessee getting my cold, colds can certainly travel far...who knows where my, er, now YOUR cold, had started from?
who knows....maybe Canada or Mexico!


Dana Lewis said...

Yes, you gave 'poor Nehemiah' a cold! :-( We are all kinda sick... I think it's partly a cold, and partly allergies.... -sigh-

P.S. We are having a good time here in TN!! Daddy brought the laptop from work for Mama to use while we are gone.... but he let me use it this morning! :-) I can't update my blog right now cause we will be leaving to go eat breakfast with our family soon... so I need to help the little ones get dressed, brush their teeth...ect... :-) 'Talk' to you soon!!