Thursday, November 27, 2008

Attention to all Commenters!!!

:-( I'm so sad....

I have not been getting any comments lately :-(.

Where Are All My Comments?!?!?!?!?

-Sniff- -Sniff-

(I'm so silly!! :-). )

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today I am especially thankful for:
My Family: {Mama Daddy, Caleb, Sam, Luke, MaryVance, Elijah, Isaac, Joseph, and Nehemiah!!},
Our Church family,
The Bible,
Our house,
Good health,
Our Friends,
And my Savior, Jesus Christ,....
__________ the list goes on....... :-).

Today we invited our adopted "Grandparents" over for Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned for pictures. :-).

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Photography by Me :-)

A Pretty sunset in Tennessee!

Our Seagrass,
An 'Upside down' Rainbow,
Our Petunias,
Some pretty "Wild flowers"
(I don't know what kind they are :-) ).

A Banana Spider
Acorns,A picture I took of myself on my 14th birthday, :-).

Our Pets...

Our Dogs:Daisy,
and Fudge.

Note: All of our dog are full blooded Mutts!!!
Our Cats:
Liberty, the Mama cat :-),
Victor, Liberty's First born son :-),
all of Liberty's Kittens together! :-).

I'll be back later to post pictures of the rest of Our Pets!! :-).

Random Pictures...

Nehemiah sleeping,
Joey, "Bottoms Up!" :-).
Isaac, as Robin Hood,
Isaac... enjoying the movie?.... :-).
Our One and Only 6-year-old Blue Eyed Boy!!
Sweet Mare,
Luke, the happy driller!!
Me :-).
Caleb and Mare... how sweet... :-).
All of us,
The Three Musketeers... or The Three Stooges?!
Mare and Joey,
Mare and Joey again! :-).
Well, thats all our Random Pictures for now!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy (belated) birthday Caleb!!!

A gift from Elijah to Caleb...
he wrapped it himself...
in a wool blanket and a Frosted Flakes box...
awww.... he gave him his Cow-y.
Opening his presents:

Trying out his new 'Signal Whistle'.

This is what happens when I say:
"Smile pretty" :-).