Monday, January 30, 2012

Texas Trip 2012

Early this year found us in Texas visiting with our friends, the Vogel family... Our friendship goes back a long way, and it was lovely to get to fellowship with them again... Here are some photos capturing a few of those special, happy, serious, fun, and late-night goofy moments...

Daddy and Millie Games galore! :-D Checkers with MaryVance & Aimee The littles enjoying care-free moments together... Caleb playing cars with Lylah Lylah & Nehemiah Nehemiah and Baby Millie... sweet snuggles... Red Rover was definitely the outside game of choice! They needed a chicken house... So while we were there (5 days) the fellas built one... And for never doing anything quite like that before, they did a really good job! Lovely Lylah! Fun times!
Wow! Luke reading! That's a rare sight! (NOT! The boy *loves* to read!) Tacos! Buddies! ~ Micah & Elijah More games... Checkers with the Big Dogs! Snuggling with my special little friends ~ Selah, Nehemiah, & Abby This is the closest I have to the 'finished product'. Story time! Millie & Me More Red Rover... Luke's partner in crime - James! Caleb & Millie She is such an adorable bundle of joy and sweetness! I love how it looks like Millie is reading the book with Caleb!! My darling little sweetheart ~ Abigail Havin' fun in the kitchen! Nathan & Sam Sam & James Caleb, James, Sam, & Luke... they look a little squished, don't they?! Sweet girlies ~ Aimee & MaryVance Millie was definitely cuddled much by all! Supper anyone?! Popcorn galore!! Measuring to see whose horseshoes was closest to the target Horseshoes with the Adults! Mama & Lylah Nathan, Micah, & Isaac And last, but certainly not least, a group shot of all the children!