Thursday, May 21, 2009

TN vacation - Day 5 - May 4th

Monday found us on the road to an impromptu visit to the town we lived in from 1997-1999.
This is our sweet little home on Grove Blvd - the first home we owned.
We also went to the park where us children loved to play at.
We always called it 'the Eiffel Tower park', I don't remember its proper name.

After we got back from Paris, we went to a friend's house to visit. Mama and Miss Lisa grew up together, and have been good friends for a long time!

Miss Lisa has three children, Andrew (he is Caleb's age), Shelby (Sam's age), and Bradleigh Grace (who is between Isaac and Joseph).
When we lived in Mississippi Miss Lisa would drop her children off at our house while she went on mission trips.... we would all have so much fun playing together! :-) I do remember Caleb, Andrew, and Sam were always trying to figure out new ways to scare Shelby and me.... boys.... ;-)

And here we all are!
It was so nice to get to see them again after three years!

Monday, May 18, 2009

TN vacation - Day 4 - May 3rd

Ya like his hair?! Well, at least he has some...
even if it is rainbow colored! :-)
Joseph and the collie puppies,
We went out to see Grannie's horses while we were there, it started raining soon after we got to where the horses were, so I didn't get many pictures.
Isn't she pretty?! Her name is Buttercup (I think)
Sweet little Nehemiah....

Grannie and Nehemiah,Aunt Rebecca,
Aunt Rebecca's son Jacob,
Grannie and her girls :-)
Grannie and Mr. Steve with all of us,
The Redheads :-)Three generations, Grannie, Mama, and Me :-)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

TN vacation - Day 3 - May 2nd

(Here's a link to Mama's blog so you can read a more
detailed post about 'Day 3':

At our friend's house in TN,

Talking, and visiting....

The Hearth Keeper Ladies,
The Daddys and children playing Frisbee,
Daddy playing Frisbee,
Playing with friends,

We all had a fun visit with our friends! And we didn't get back to Pa's house until 2 am the next morning! (we had to drive like 2 or 3 hours to get back though)

TN vacation - Day 2 - May 1st

Friday we went to Daddy's mother's house (we call her 'Nana') for lunch, (burgers and hotdogs) we were gonna go to a park for lunch... but we got rained out :-( We stayed and visited for a while, then we went to our Great Grandmother's house for supper and to spend the night.
Here are the little boy's playing at Nana's house,
Joseph and our cousin Avery,Nehemiah sportin' some sunglasses MaryVance found at Nana's house.
The TN river (I think??)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TN vacation - Day 1 - April 30

We left our house at 4:20 Thursday morning, and we drove for about 5 hours
(I think) then we stopped at a park (well, it wasn't the kinda park you'd think of when you say 'park', it was a big grassy area with a creek, it was really nice, and very peaceful!) to meet a family for breakfast (they made 'Breakfast Sandwiches' for us...yum!) After we ate we walked down to the creek, then played ball and talked for a little while... we all had a very good time!! :-)

Down by the creek,

The boys playing soccer :-)
We stayed at the park for a couple hours then we said our good byes, hopped in the van, and we were on our way again! :-)
A picture I took on our way to TN! :-)
-- Day 2 will follow soon! (I have to go clean the kitchen and fold laundry first, then I'll do Day 2!!) --
ETA: if you want to read more about our first day you can go to:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our little Nehemiah.....

is SEVEN months old!!! :-0 I just can't believe he's already Seven Months Old! It seems like just yesterday he was a little baby.... now he's Seven Months Old...... My how time flies!.....

I am gonna take Seven month pictures of him sometime..... tomorrow probably! And I'm still trying to decide what kinda 'set-up' to use.... ya know, like what to dress him in and what kinda background to use, that kinda stuff..... do You have any ideas?!?! :-)

Well Caleb just informed me that I need to go do my part in the kitchen..... so I guess I'll go now..... I'll 'talk' to y'all later!!! Have a good night!! :-)

We're back!!!!!!

We got home at 10:30 last night..... and today we are all pretty tired! (I don't know about everyone, but I do know that some of us are pretty tired!)

Anyway, here's an quick recap of our trip! (Ok, so I cheated... I stole um uh 'borrowed' this from Mama's blog so I wouldn't have to write it up myself! ;-))

Left here Thursday at 4:20 am

Drove to Birmingham AL
for a picnic breakfast at the park with Faith (a lady Mama knows from Hearth Keepers)
Got to Brownsville around 6
Rebecca and Jacob (our Aunt and her son) were there, we visited
Set up our campsite and drove to town for supper
Decided to sleep in Daddy's (we call him 'Pa', he's Mama's Daddy) shop
Left Friday morning for Hendersonville
Our picnic was rained out

Went to Tony's mom's and spent the day
Spent the night at his grandmothers
Had a great visit with everyone
Grandmother treated us to breakfast at Cracker Barrel Saturday morning
Left there and drove to Smyrna for a get together with friends there
Met Kim, Kim and Nina at Toya's house (these are ladies Mama knows on HK too!)

We had a great, great time
Ate supper with Toya and Randy and family
Got back to Daddy's at 2am
Sunday spent time visiting with Daddy (Pa)

Spent Sunday afternoon with Mama (Mama's mother, we call her Grannie) and Rebecca and Jacob
Had a really nice visit
Mama (Grannie) said Nehemiah looks like me :)

Left there and drove to the Sheltons
Lora and her children came over
We had a great visit with them too
Monday we drove to Paris

It was an inpromptu visit
We drove by our old house and church
And we played at the park where we used to play when we lived there
It was a nice nostalgic trip
Visited with Lisa (She is a friend of Mama's) and her children Monday night
It was a really good visit
Haven't seen them in years and years
Tuesday it finally wasn't raining
We drove to Memphis to the zoo
Very nice
Lots of fun
Wednesday woke up at 2am to a child (Sam) being sick
Uh Oh

Prayed and prayed and he wasn't sick any more
Went by Mama's (Grannie's) office before we left Brownsville
Had a tour of the police station and got to see the fire trucks
Great fun
Had a safe, uneventful trip home! :-)

(As You can tell I added some notes in there to help explain things better!)


We are glad to be back home!

I will post pictures later! I Promise!!! :-)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We're in TN!!!

And we are having a good time!!

I will be back later to post a 'real' update!! I just wanted to 'pop' in and say we made it here safely, and we are having a good time!! :-) Right now we are at our Great Grandmother's house (we spent the night at her place last night) and we are getting things pack up so we can go eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel with our family!!

Anyway, I'll be back later with a longer update!!! :-)