Monday, May 18, 2009

TN vacation - Day 4 - May 3rd

Ya like his hair?! Well, at least he has some...
even if it is rainbow colored! :-)
Joseph and the collie puppies,
We went out to see Grannie's horses while we were there, it started raining soon after we got to where the horses were, so I didn't get many pictures.
Isn't she pretty?! Her name is Buttercup (I think)
Sweet little Nehemiah....

Grannie and Nehemiah,Aunt Rebecca,
Aunt Rebecca's son Jacob,
Grannie and her girls :-)
Grannie and Mr. Steve with all of us,
The Redheads :-)Three generations, Grannie, Mama, and Me :-)


Brandy said...

I like your Dad's hair....;-)
Your Grannies horses are very pretty.....I REALLY like her brown one W/the mostly white head and the foal!

And the first picture of Nehemiah is SO cute!!
And Elijah's Smile is alot like that of your Grannies!


Ashley said...

Oops....sorry, Mama was still logged in!

**Now it is Ashley!**

Dana Lewis said...

Brandy -- Me too! I agree! The horse you are talking about is named Lusy, and I think that foal is her baby, but I'm not positive!

I like the pictures of Nehemiah too! And yes it does! :-)

Ashley -- I forgive you! :-)