Thursday, May 21, 2009

TN vacation - Day 5 - May 4th

Monday found us on the road to an impromptu visit to the town we lived in from 1997-1999.
This is our sweet little home on Grove Blvd - the first home we owned.
We also went to the park where us children loved to play at.
We always called it 'the Eiffel Tower park', I don't remember its proper name.

After we got back from Paris, we went to a friend's house to visit. Mama and Miss Lisa grew up together, and have been good friends for a long time!

Miss Lisa has three children, Andrew (he is Caleb's age), Shelby (Sam's age), and Bradleigh Grace (who is between Isaac and Joseph).
When we lived in Mississippi Miss Lisa would drop her children off at our house while she went on mission trips.... we would all have so much fun playing together! :-) I do remember Caleb, Andrew, and Sam were always trying to figure out new ways to scare Shelby and me.... boys.... ;-)

And here we all are!
It was so nice to get to see them again after three years!

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