Monday, August 31, 2009

Snakes Alive! Misc. snake pics

On the second day that we went to the Creation Museum, we went to a program called "Snakes Alive!" Rick Teepen was the 'snake' guy, he had 12 different kinds of snakes (Corn Snakes, African Rock Python, Milk Snakes, King Snake, several different kinds of Albino Corn Snakes, and an Albino Burmese Python...)
He also had a pet snake (the Albino Burmese Python) named Chiquita, he weighed 80 pounds, and was 13 feet long, the guy said when he is full grown he's supposed to be 18 feet long and weigh 160 pounds! Now that's a big snake!
Here are a few pictures from "Snakes Alive"
Mr. Rick Teepen with five different Albino Corn Snakes, Mr. Rick's assistant with the boxes of snakes,
Baby Albino Corn Snakes,
Aww, isn't Chiquita the cutest little snake you ever did see?! LOL!
Mama, Isaac, Sam, Elijah, MaryVance, Caleb
and Luke holding Mr. Rick's little baby! :-)

And here's a picture from Wikipedia's article about Burmese Pythons, and here's a better picture of an Albino Burmese Python...

Now don't you all wish you were there to see all those pretty snakes??!! :-D

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pictures from the Creation Museum (day 3 and 4)

LOL!! Isn't that hilarious!!

Elijah, Isaac, and Joseph looking at something :-),
Watching a movie about the 6 days of Creation,
The CM had a really nice petting zoo with 14 or 15 different kinds of animals.
The Pig,
The Miniature Donkey (it was really small, so I'm just guessing it was a mini :-D),
A cow of some kind :-),
A Zonkey (mix between a Zebra and a donkey),
A Zorse (mix between a Zebra and a Horse),
Zorse (female) and Zonkey (male)
they have the same father, can you tell? :-D,
A goat,
The Camel named Gomer :-),
He could lean over the fence and eat off the ground on the other side!
Caleb trying to convince Joseph that it was ok to feed the camel... :-)
One of the Llamas,
The Sheep,
MaryVance and a chicken,
A new family picture! :-)
And a new children picture :-)
I'll be back later with the snake pictures!

Misc. pictures from the first 2 days of our TN/KY trip

Our first 'potty' stop,
Isaac and Elijah sitting with Daddy's Dad,
Nana (Daddy's Mom) and Elijah (Oh, and Woody too!),
Nana and MaryVance,
Nana and Joseph,
Nana and Isaac.
The first day we drove to TN to spend the night at GG's house (our Great Grand Mother).
The next day we drove to Bowling Green KY to go to the Corvette Museum.

Isn't that a cool picture?
Take a closer look -- the whole thing is made of a bunch of little pictures of cars! Darker pictures for the darker parts, and lighter pictures for the lighter parts, now isn't THAT cool!! :-)

This was one of my favorite ones, not so much the body of it, but the color!
I really, really like that color!
I really like the one in the middle too!
That's all for the first three days on our trip, more comin' up! :-)