Saturday, August 29, 2009

Misc. pictures from the first 2 days of our TN/KY trip

Our first 'potty' stop,
Isaac and Elijah sitting with Daddy's Dad,
Nana (Daddy's Mom) and Elijah (Oh, and Woody too!),
Nana and MaryVance,
Nana and Joseph,
Nana and Isaac.
The first day we drove to TN to spend the night at GG's house (our Great Grand Mother).
The next day we drove to Bowling Green KY to go to the Corvette Museum.

Isn't that a cool picture?
Take a closer look -- the whole thing is made of a bunch of little pictures of cars! Darker pictures for the darker parts, and lighter pictures for the lighter parts, now isn't THAT cool!! :-)

This was one of my favorite ones, not so much the body of it, but the color!
I really, really like that color!
I really like the one in the middle too!
That's all for the first three days on our trip, more comin' up! :-)

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Ashley said...

Those are some nice Cars!
Woohoo! you got to go to Alabama! ;-)