Monday, August 31, 2009

Snakes Alive! Misc. snake pics

On the second day that we went to the Creation Museum, we went to a program called "Snakes Alive!" Rick Teepen was the 'snake' guy, he had 12 different kinds of snakes (Corn Snakes, African Rock Python, Milk Snakes, King Snake, several different kinds of Albino Corn Snakes, and an Albino Burmese Python...)
He also had a pet snake (the Albino Burmese Python) named Chiquita, he weighed 80 pounds, and was 13 feet long, the guy said when he is full grown he's supposed to be 18 feet long and weigh 160 pounds! Now that's a big snake!
Here are a few pictures from "Snakes Alive"
Mr. Rick Teepen with five different Albino Corn Snakes, Mr. Rick's assistant with the boxes of snakes,
Baby Albino Corn Snakes,
Aww, isn't Chiquita the cutest little snake you ever did see?! LOL!
Mama, Isaac, Sam, Elijah, MaryVance, Caleb
and Luke holding Mr. Rick's little baby! :-)

And here's a picture from Wikipedia's article about Burmese Pythons, and here's a better picture of an Albino Burmese Python...

Now don't you all wish you were there to see all those pretty snakes??!! :-D


Ashley said...

So molly, you didn't go up and hold one?? ;-)


Molly said...

Nope. I had to take the pictures! :-D And no, Daddy couldn't take the pictures cause he was holding Joseph or Nehemiah (I don't remember which one ;-))