Saturday, August 1, 2009

My 15th birthday...

On my birthday Daddy and I went to Hardy's for breakfast, then we went to Lowes. And then to Walmart for a cake (I really wanted a cheesecake... so we went to WM to get me one! We also got a chocolate cake for my siblings who didn't like cheesecake) and we bought two DVDs (a John Wayne DVD called "Chisum", and "The Love Bug"). When we got home I opened my presents.... I got three books about photography, and this:

Well, this isn't the exact same thing, but very similar! ;-)
After I opened my presents, we got dressed, went outside to take a group picture... after that we loaded up and went to Dothan.
First we went to Cato's to look for a skirt for me, we found two skirts (one almost exactly like my old one, and a khaki one that is too big, Mama said she could take it in though) and I found a brown striped jacket! Then we went to CiCi's Pizza for lunch :-)
When we got back home we ate supper while we watch some the John Wayne movie, when we were done eating we stopped the movie and had our cake... then Matt, Jennifer, and Landon came over... they bought me a Lava Lamp, and three picture frames! :-) They stayed for a little while... after they left we finished our movie, and went to bed.

My birthday cake!

Me :-D

And a couple of our group pictures....

This one is my favorite!
Yes... I'm the short one... in our last picture like this I'm still taller than Sam... -sigh- before to long Luke will be taller than me too... -sigh- :-)

I am so very blessed to have such a great family!!!!


Hannah said...

looks like fun! What is that in the first picture?

Ashley said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday!
Zeb's is tomorrow, Us children bought his Presents today!!


Dana Lewis said...

Hannah -- Photography studio. It has a backdrop stand and two backdrops (a white one and a black one) and special lights for photography... does that explain it?


Ashley said...

Molly~~ I'm jealous!! ;-)