Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Misc pictures from our trip! (LOTS of pics!! :-D)

The ferry we used to cross over into Ohio,
This was taken on the way back, as you can see we were in the front!
It was kinda freaky! :-)

****Lincoln's Childhood home****
This was the inside of a cabin which was a lot like the one Abraham Lincoln lived in as a boy. And the cabin was near the original location where Abe Lincoln actually lived.
The fireplace,
Outside the cabin,
The garden,
Sunflowers! Look at how tall they are!
A group shot outside the cabin.
Ok, believe it or not, I was standing in a hole in this picture, that's the only reason I look so short! I'm really not that short in real life! Really!! :-D

This statue was in a small town we went though on the
way to Lincoln's birthplace

I know you can't see this very well, but it's the Gettysburg Address

***Museum about Lincoln***

The little boys playing with 'Lincoln' Logs, get it?!

Statues of the Lincoln Family

Isn't this neat looking?
A close-up of it, the whole thing was made out of pennies!
Isn't that cool?!

A replica of Lincoln's birthplace,
or at least I think that's what this is...
See Elijah standing at the bottom of that flag pole?
Pretty tall, isn't it?!
We thought this was neat to see... a horse and buggy parked in front of a tractor supplies place! lol!!

This was at the Wal-Mart parking lot

A creek we had to drive though to get to a friends house... it's really not as deep as it looks.