Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow pictures from Florida and Alabama!!

Yes, you read the title correctly, it snowed here yesterday!! :-)

Well, I don't know if it snowed at our house, cause we were in Dothan AL (Mama had a Eye Doctor Appointment), where the snow was 2-4 inches deep!! We all had so much fun!!  As I was getting Joseph dressed that morning, I told him we were going to Dothan and we would probably see some snow he said "Snow? Like in the movies?" :-)  Our five youngest ones have never seen, or have seen but don't remember seeing snow before... ;-)

Here are the pictures we captured of the beautiful snow!
On our way to the Eye Doctor,
The flowers in front of the Mall (the eye doc is in the mall)
A close-up... it's so weird to see colorful flowers, and snow together!
While Mama was in the Mall, we dressed up in our warmer clothes and played in the little bit of snow on the grassy area by the parking lot.
Nehemiah dressed and ready to go!
MaryVance enjoying the snow!

Nehemiah discovering what this cold stuff feels like!
I love the way he's looking at the snow in this one!
They built a baby snowman!
Isn't he cute?!

After this we got back in the van, took off all the coats, hats, and mittens and watch Roy Rogers till Mama got back. Then we drove to Burger King for lunch, we ate in the van on the way to Ozark AL where it was snowing a lot more!

This was taken in Dothan at Burger King,
At the Rest Area in Ozark...
I stood under a pavilian taking pictures, cause I didn't want the camera to get all 'snowy'!
A Snowman... no we didn't build it, and I don't know if you can tell, but he has a pinecone Mohawk!

Looked like that truck had been sitting there for quite a while!
Snowball fights!
I didn't join in till it was almost time to go... Caleb didn't know I was playing, so I snuck up behind him and 'gently' threw a very hard snowball at him.... and he got me back... I actually came home with a bruise from it! Not very surprising though, I bruise v.e.r.y easily!

And this last picture really cracks me up!!! "Florida, the Sunshine State" covered with SNOW!! :-D

Well, that's all, I hope you enjoyed viewing our day through pictures! And Joseph is still thanking God for "diving us the snow"!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet quotes from my lil' brothers...

This one is from Isaac... "Mama, are you married to Daddy, or is Daddy married to you?"

This one is me talking to Joseph...
Me: "Do you want your shirt un-tucked?"
Joseph: "No! I want it in-tucked!"

The other night Isaac had a really bad stomach ache, he was sitting in my lap, and I was praying for him.... just as I finished praying Isaac said "It's GONE!!" I said "What's 'gone?" He said "My tummy ache is gone!" I said "Isn't that neat? I just finished praying for you" Isaac said "Yep, It was just one of God's miracles!" :-)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Random pictures... (I guess you could call it a 'picture update'... :-D)

Sweet brothers...
Off to Conquer the World!
I think Elijah was having too much fun with his hair, what do you think?!
Mr. Muscle Man!
Sam and Nehemiah... ;-D
He put the hat on like that and said "Look! I'm Gomer Pyle"
"Say Cheese" LOL
Finally got a 'good'  picture of Caleb! :-D
Nehemiah showing off his newest trick.... winking... :-)
'"Where's your belly?!"... He found it!!

Matt and Isaac snuggled up on the couch and fell asleep together... :-)

The 'Cool Dudes'... LOL

Buddies... Nehemiah and Landon!