Thursday, May 7, 2009

We're back!!!!!!

We got home at 10:30 last night..... and today we are all pretty tired! (I don't know about everyone, but I do know that some of us are pretty tired!)

Anyway, here's an quick recap of our trip! (Ok, so I cheated... I stole um uh 'borrowed' this from Mama's blog so I wouldn't have to write it up myself! ;-))

Left here Thursday at 4:20 am

Drove to Birmingham AL
for a picnic breakfast at the park with Faith (a lady Mama knows from Hearth Keepers)
Got to Brownsville around 6
Rebecca and Jacob (our Aunt and her son) were there, we visited
Set up our campsite and drove to town for supper
Decided to sleep in Daddy's (we call him 'Pa', he's Mama's Daddy) shop
Left Friday morning for Hendersonville
Our picnic was rained out

Went to Tony's mom's and spent the day
Spent the night at his grandmothers
Had a great visit with everyone
Grandmother treated us to breakfast at Cracker Barrel Saturday morning
Left there and drove to Smyrna for a get together with friends there
Met Kim, Kim and Nina at Toya's house (these are ladies Mama knows on HK too!)

We had a great, great time
Ate supper with Toya and Randy and family
Got back to Daddy's at 2am
Sunday spent time visiting with Daddy (Pa)

Spent Sunday afternoon with Mama (Mama's mother, we call her Grannie) and Rebecca and Jacob
Had a really nice visit
Mama (Grannie) said Nehemiah looks like me :)

Left there and drove to the Sheltons
Lora and her children came over
We had a great visit with them too
Monday we drove to Paris

It was an inpromptu visit
We drove by our old house and church
And we played at the park where we used to play when we lived there
It was a nice nostalgic trip
Visited with Lisa (She is a friend of Mama's) and her children Monday night
It was a really good visit
Haven't seen them in years and years
Tuesday it finally wasn't raining
We drove to Memphis to the zoo
Very nice
Lots of fun
Wednesday woke up at 2am to a child (Sam) being sick
Uh Oh

Prayed and prayed and he wasn't sick any more
Went by Mama's (Grannie's) office before we left Brownsville
Had a tour of the police station and got to see the fire trucks
Great fun
Had a safe, uneventful trip home! :-)

(As You can tell I added some notes in there to help explain things better!)


We are glad to be back home!

I will post pictures later! I Promise!!! :-)


Ashley said...

ok...when will the pictures be here???

to bad Sam felt crummy!
he is feeling better now, right?
I remember he was feeling bad when We where at you guys house last night ( or the night before that, sometime this week!).


you happy now??
I commented for you!!

Dana Lewis said...

I am posting pictures now, can't you tell?! Yeah, Sam's feeling better now, but we weren't able to go to church last Sunday though because Isaac and Elijah were running a fever...

Yes! I'm happy now! Thanks!!