Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TN vacation - Day 1 - April 30

We left our house at 4:20 Thursday morning, and we drove for about 5 hours
(I think) then we stopped at a park (well, it wasn't the kinda park you'd think of when you say 'park', it was a big grassy area with a creek, it was really nice, and very peaceful!) to meet a family for breakfast (they made 'Breakfast Sandwiches' for us...yum!) After we ate we walked down to the creek, then played ball and talked for a little while... we all had a very good time!! :-)

Down by the creek,

The boys playing soccer :-)
We stayed at the park for a couple hours then we said our good byes, hopped in the van, and we were on our way again! :-)
A picture I took on our way to TN! :-)
-- Day 2 will follow soon! (I have to go clean the kitchen and fold laundry first, then I'll do Day 2!!) --
ETA: if you want to read more about our first day you can go to:


Ashley said...

I think I will wait until you can post the pics.....even though I HAVE already seen them ;-)

How do you make 'breakfast sandwiches'
it sounds interesting!

okay...hurry up, you have more days to go!


You haven't commented on MY blog, and I posted before you (pouty face).

Dana Lewis said...

Ashley -- 'Breakfast Sandwiches' were a English muffin with an egg, some cheese and ham. If we ever make them I think we'll try turkey, or turkey bacon!! :-) I am making myself hungry here! :-)

Okay... okay! I'll try to post some more pictures now! This computer is just so, so, so, slow!

P.S. off to look at your blog Right Now!! :-) And if you are nice, I'll even comment!