Sunday, April 26, 2009 update... sorta.... :-)

I really need to update my blog with more pictures.... but I can't right now 'cause I'm holding Nehemiah, and it's kinda hard to select, re-size, and post pictures while I'm holding him! :-).... But, I can type alright while I'm holding Nehemiah.... so I guess I can update about what's been happening around here now, So without further ado... here is an update!! :-)

Thursday April 30th we will be leaving on a vacation to Tennessee!!! We will be leaving really early in the morning.... I mean REALLY early, like 4:00 in the morning early! :-0 And we will be back sometime in Tuesday..... So, we only have (including today) three days to get ready for the trip.... we have to pack clothes (of course!) camping stuff (we are planning to camp out while we're there!) food, ect.... ect.... ect....!
And we still have a lot to do before we leave like:
-Do ALL the laundry! (my job ;-))
-Take care of all the animals, set out feeders, water, ect...
-Clean-up the house
-Clean-out the van
ect.... ect.... ect.... :-)

So all that to say.... I won't be updating my blog until we get back.... so you can be looking forward to seeing pictures of our vacation!!!! :-)


Ashley said...

Have fun!!
are y'all just going to see family?
and I guess y'all won't be seeing the swagers this time?


Dana Lewis said...

Thanks! Yes, we're going to see our family... and no, we aren't gonna see the Swagers this time :-(