Monday, April 13, 2009

What's up?!

So... what's been happening in your life?

Well, I guess I should share what's been happening in My life first :-) Hmmmm..... What Has been happening?!?

Today it stormed pretty hard, there was a Tornado warning, a Flash Flood warning, and a Severe Thunder Storm warning for our
area! :-o . Most of what we got was a LOT of rain and wind though... thankfully!
Our kittens are getting SO big! They can get out of there box now, and walk around. It is so funny to see Saber (for example) walk up to Pepper and for Pepper to look at him, turn around and RUN!!!! Our adult cats (all except for Liberty, of course!) run whenever they see these little kitten walking toward them!! :-)

I need to go fold laundry now!! I post some more later!! :-)

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Ashley said...

Yeah, it stormed pretty bad over here too.
This has been the WORST weather we've since we have lived here, Tornado warnings around Us two times in one week!!
I like lightning and thunder, but NOT when hail and Tornado warnings accompany it!!