Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sleepy Boy....

I took this picture of Nehemiah when the Hunters were here the other day, and it looks like he's covering his ears because of all the noise! :-),
Pretty cute, huh?!
Does anyone have any cute caption in mind for this photo?!


Ashley said...

Oh, still waiting for Luke's Books!!


Ashley said...

How 'bout
"I don't hear you!!"
;-) :-P

Hannah said...

thats a good one Ashley... :P and Molly, that is sooo cute!! you have an extremely cute little brother...but my nephew is STILL cuter... :P no really though. Nehemiah is one of the cutest babies I know. ;-)

Dana Lewis said...

Ashley -- That is a good one!! And about Luke's books... just keep reminding me!! :-).

Hannah -- Thank you, and I agree, I DO have a extremely cute little brother!!! :-).