Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kitten pictures!! :-)

Ok, about names.... ya know how we always pick a category to name our kittens from? Well... this time we thought we would name our kittens after....... Chocolate candy bars! :-)
So... Anyway.... we are thinking about...
Kit Kat... Snickers... Twix... and either Reece, Hershey, or something like that! Do you have any ideas?


Hannah said...

aww..their so cute! Our cat keeps moving ours to the woods though .:( do ya'll have trouble with that?

Dana Lewis said...

Well... yes kinda. She had them in the woods,
(well it wasn't really in the woods, it was by the barn in the weeds :-)) and we moved them two the porch, and this morning she moved them back :-(


Hannah said...

Oh dear... :( sorry...I know what it feels like though...and it takes forever moving them back before she gives up!!

Ashley said...

They are so cute!
I think I like kit kat, twix, snickers and Hershey, Reese just doesn't seem to fit, after all, it really isn't a candy BAR :-)


Dana Lewis said...

Yep, I agree!
Yesterday Caleb, Sam, and I were sitting at the table doing school and Sam started laughing, said something to Caleb and he started laughing too... so I asked them what they were laughing at, and Sam said that Caleb had named the kittens something different the night before.... so... to make a longish story short, they told me Caleb named the kittens "Winkle, Dinkle (the girls) Lightning and Thunder bob! Now every time someone says those names Sam dies out laughing!! :-)

I don't think we are really gonna name the kittens that... but you never know!! :-)