Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Caleb and Nehemiah..... sweet brothers!

So sweet!!

Isn't Nehemiah the cutest baby you have Ever seen?!?!?
Well... I know that Hannah and Ashley won't agree with me,
so what if I say:
'Isn't Nehemiah the cutest 5 month and 18 day old baby You have Ever seen?!?!?' Doesn't that sound better?!


Hannah said...

Yes, I agree with you as the cutest 5 mo. 18 day old baby I've ever seen... ;)

Dana Lewis said...

I'm glad you agree!! :-)

Ashley said...

How cute!!
yes, Nehemiah is the cutest 5month, 18 days old!


Ashley said...

Remember I told you about my 'color code' that lets you get ANY color that yu want?
if not that's OK because it has been awhile, well, here is the link to get it, you will probably like it, I do!!!