Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Look at this snake...:-)

Beautiful, isn't it?!
Does anyone know what kind of snake this is?
At first we thought it was a Copperhead, but Caleb read that young Copperheads have a yellow tip at the end of their tails.
The boys found it on the side of the house, (yesterday)
and Matt took care of it for us ;-)
(he used the pick axe, then he buried it in a ant mound :-) )
ETA: We are pretty sure that our snake was just an Oak Snake (which is another name for the Grey Rat Snake) so we killed a
non-venomous snake :-(.
But hey, we would rather be safe than sorry! ;-)


Ashley said...

It is an oak is a link.

this one looks like the one y'all found


Dana Lewis said...

Ashley -- Yes!! I think you found the right one!! Thank you!! How did you find the picture of the oak snake?


Hannah said...

I'm glad you killed him... :-) They CAN be kind of cool if they are not poisonous though... ;)