Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nehemiah's 5mo pictures!!

He loves his toes! :-),
I love the facial expressions he is making in these two pictures!! :-),

As you can tell... He also loves his fingers!!

Looks like he's getting tired of taking pictures :-),
Yep, he's definitely tired of pictures!! :-).


Hannah said...

awww...he is adorable!! you know, in some of those pictures, he looks JUST like Joseph...maybe thats just me though...does anyone agree with me?? :)

Hannah said...

ok...well it's mostly just the sneezing one that he looks like Joseph. I don't know.

Ashley said...

I think My favorites are 4,5,6 and 7.
he certainly is cute!!


Dana Lewis said...

Hannah -- Ya, sometimes he looks like Joey, and sometimes he looks like MaryVance, he looks like different people at different times! ;-).

Ashley -- I would have to agree with you there, He is diffidently a Cutie! :-)