Thursday, March 19, 2009

Landon's 5 month pictures!

Sweet boy! kinda looks like he's praying in this one!

Sweet smiles!
mmm... those are some good fingers! :-)
This one is my favorite,
I just love that excited look on his face! :-)
mmm... some more good fingers!
Sweet boy, with a Sweet smile!!
Mommy and Me! :-)

Daddy's boy! :-)
So, which one is Your favorite?!
Photography by Molly and Jennifer :-)


Hannah said...

i really like the last one.....and all the pthers too! :)

Dana Lewis said...

Ya, I really like the last one too!! :-)

Dana Lewis said...

I Love those!!! Especially the b&w ones!

Ashley said...

My favorites are the B&W ones as well!!
I have some pretty cute pics of Landon as well, hmm.....wonder what to do with them??