Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MaryVance's 9th b'day and trip to the beach...

Daddy and Nehemiah at Mexico beach,
The little boys having fun in the water,
A Hermit crab,

Nehemiah enjoying his first real trip to the beach!
'Doofer' havin' a blast! (Doofer is Joseph's new nickname... Sam calls him a little goofer and Joseph can't say 'goofer' so he says 'Doofer!)

Luke building a little fort,

Nehemiah kept trying (and succeeding) to eat the sand! He thought it was great fun!! :-)
And the troops have returned!
(returned with the food that is!)
Fried chicken from KFC and Long John Silvers, chips, and coke!
They look really cold, don't they?!

The beautiful parting sunset!
MaryVance's 9th birthday!
Opening presents......

hhmmm... what could it be...
-gasp!- A sewing machine!! And with her name on it too!!
The Birthday Girl!


Ashley said...

I like the...
Hermit crab pic (3)
Nehemiah sitting in your Mama's lap (5)
Maryvance wasn't expecting getting a sewing machine for awile yet was she?


Dana Lewis said...

You mean you don't like them all?! :-) MaryVance had asked for one and then changed her mind (she said that she would wait until her 13th birthday and get a nice machine like I did) Mama wanted to surprise her and get one anyway!