Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today is my birthday!!!

Last night we (Mama, Daddy, Caleb, Sam, Luke, MarVance, and I) stayed up till 2:05 am. playing ROOK!! Daddy, Sam, and Luke were on a team. Mama, Caleb, and I were on a team.... and we lost :-( Not by very far though... MaryVance didn't play, but she would shuffle and deal the cards for Mama (cause she was holding Nehemiah the whole time, and Joseph some of the time). We had a lot of fun!!

This morning Daddy and I are going out for breakfast, after we get back I'll probably open my presents, then I think we are gonna go to Dothan for lunch and go to Cato's to look for me a new skirt. The one I have (well, I have more than one skirt, but this one is my most favorite skirt) is thread-bare... not good! So were gonna see if they have anymore like the one I already have... that is not very likely... but I really hope they do! ;-)

So... what is everyone else 'up to' today??

P.S. I'll probably be back later (today or tomorrow) to post My birthday pictures!! :-)


Hannah said...

happy birthday!!!!! =)

Dana Lewis said...

Thank you!!


Brandy said...

happy bday, Molly!! Hope you have a wonderful day! How wonderful would it be to add your cousin born on your bday? Well, let's hope...but NOT while ya'll are away at Dothan!!

Love ya, Auntie Brandy :D

Ashley said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!
I hope you find a skirt, I know how much you love that one!
And you actually played rook?

Dana Lewis said...

Aunt Brandy -- Thank you! And yes, that would have been so neat! ... But alas... my little cousin just wasn't quite ready yet... oh well! :-)

Ashley -- I found a skirt... and a jacket!! ;-) I'll post pics of them later! Yes! We played ROOK!!!