Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Shadows in the Night" by MaryVance

(note from Mama: MaryVance is writing a story and I will be typing it for her here so you can all read along as she writes.)

Chapter 1: Surprise!!!

"Sara. Tara" mother called.
"Yes Mother?" the twins called.
"Tell Tim to come and you two come too"
"Yes ma'am" Sara said.
"Tim" Tara called.
"Yeah Tara" yelled Tim.
"Mother wants us downstairs."
"Okay" yelled Tim.

There were five siblings, Jeff 14, Tim 11, Tara and Sara 8 and Sally 3. And Mother was pregnant! They all went downstairs. "Oh" Mother said, "Tim, go get Sally and Jeff".

"Yes ma'am" Tim said.

"Jeff, Mother wants you" Tim said.
"Okay" Jeff said.
Sally was playing with her blocks in the playroom. "Sally" Tim said gently, "Mother wants you downstairs".
"Okay" Sally said in her babyish voice.
Tim held her hand and helped her down the stairs. "Now" Mother said "Now that everyone is here I want you all to know that we're going to have an ultrasound tomorrow."
"Woohoo" yelled Tim.
"Hooray" yelled Sally as she clapped her hands.
"That's terriffic" Jeff said.
"Yippee" yelled the twins.
"Now, now, quiet down" Mother said. "Now be sure to pack your water bottles and a few little snacks because it's a long drive to Little Rock." Little Rock was the capitol of Arkansas. "Okay now" Mother said, "I just washed your red polo shirts so you can wear that. We will leave right after breakfast."
"Me too?" Sally asked.
"Yes, Sally. You too" Mother answered.
"Can we bring our notebooks?" Sara asked.
"Yes you may Sara" Mother said. "Oh and we need to go to bed early tonight so we can get up early tomorrow."
"What should I do about my rabbit while we are gone?" Tim had a miniature black rabbit named Coal.
"He will be alright" Mother said.
-----more soon----


Sharon said...

Mary Vance, how exciting that you are writing a book! I can't wait to see what happens at the ultrasound.

Dana Lewis said...

Thank you Miss Sharon. :)

from MaryVance

Ashley said...

Very nice Maryvance!
hurry on up....I can't wait to read more!


Nana said...

MaryVance, I am waiting on the next chapter to your book. You have me anxious to see what happens next. Love you Nana