Saturday, July 18, 2009

Joseph's Third Birthday pictures...

Aww... this is Joseph... he's only 4 hours old!
Joseph and Daddy went our to Waffle House for breakfast.
Joseph wore a Tomas tee shirt, Levi jeans, old raggedy cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat! :-D
Opening his presents...
Wow! Toy Story pajamas!!

Look at that sweet look on his face :-)
He looks so excited!
'Sam the Fireman' DVD,
And last but not least... His Big one Fire Engine!!!
Blowin' out the candles,
Lickin' 'em off,
And enjoyin' his chocolate cake!! :-)


Ashley said...

I'm sure he liked the toy story pj's!!
and the fire soon I'll have a b-day to post! (Zeb's....but before even THAT, the Baby's!)


Dana Lewis said...

-nodding head- :-)