Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Cuteness...

Landon, Titus, and Nehemiah I love the facial expressions in this one!
Sweet lil' Landon (5 mo)
Buddies - 6 months
I found this one of Nehemiah the other day... yes, I edited it, but I didn't do anything to his eyes... (He was 6 months old)


ashley tahg said... sweet!

I think they are they cutest bunch of boys I've seen yet. :-P

Ruth Ann said...

awww, they're so adorable! love the green outfits...and the little babies. those first pictures make me think of triplets, but I'm thinking they aren't... =) I love babies!

Molly said...

Ashley -- I agree completely!

Ruth Ann -- Nope. Not triplets... but hey, wouldn't triplets be so much fun?!

Nehemiah (my littlest brother) and Landon (my 'adopted' nephew) are only nine days apart, and are very much like twins! It's so cute!

I love babies too!! :-)

Ruth Ann said...


triplets would be fun! and a lot of work... I think I'd want to try twins first. but of course, whatever God gives is perfect! =) but it's so cute to see twins or triplets. =)

Paige said...

Those pictures are SO CUTE Molly! I LOVE their matching green outfits too! Also... LOVING the baby pictures!