Sunday, August 29, 2010


This photo is in desperate need of a Bible verse, chorus, or poem...
Does anyone have any ideas??

PS: Also, does anyone know what kind of flower this is?


ashley tahg said...

it might be some sort of wild Hibiscus; Okra is inb that family and it looks a lot like a okra flower.

Here is a poem if you want to use it,

Living for Jesus, walking in his way,
Doing his wishes, every day,
Living for him, no other will do,
Living for you lord, happy and true.

A walking testimony,
A walking mirror of God in me,
A hope to a different way to live,
A miracle of love, to me did He give.

I’ll stay faithful,
I’ll stay true,
I will live for naught but you,
I will stay you servant, and live for you.

Written by Ashley Hunter.

Jennifer Bates said...

Beautuful Molly!!! I'll have to think about the verse thing though!

Moriah Simonowich said...

That's a pretty flower, Molly. :)