Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Brothers and Sisters!...

Not really, but it felt good to say it!! ;-)
Ya know... since we kinda 'adopted' Matt and Jennifer
as a brother and sister, that means
Nehemiah is Landon's uncle!!!!! :-)
And, Nehemiah is only 9 days older!!!!
Landon and 'Uncle Nehemiah'
playing together!!

Sweet Big Brother,
Sweet Sisters...
(we kinda look like we could really be sisters,
don't we?!) :-),
Jenny, Landon, Me, and Nehemiah!


Ashley said...

I guess Ya'll might pass for sisters! but since I know you... its a little harder to see.


Ashley said...

Oh, Molly, We want to see Racoon Pictures!!!!!!

~Ashley, talking for everyone else~

Ashley said...

Ok, Me again ;-)

Goofy Luke!

Dana Lewis said...

Ok! I will try to put up the coon pics somtime soon!! Tell your brothers and sisters to be Patiet!!!

And yes, Luke was being very goofy!! but yay! thats what brothers are for, right?!