Monday, February 2, 2009

recent things and the coming things.

hi there, my name is maryvance , mollys little sister. i have not posted in a long time. so you probably do not remember me. i have only posted twice! the bates(mr.matt & miss jennifer bates) are staying at our house. miss jennifer and mr.matt were in a car crash.miss jennifer got a broken pelvis. and she had to stay at the hospital for ............... mama can not remember how many days. also our friends from ohio are coming to vist for a few days.they have six children(almost as much as us) and Elijah's 7TH birthday is on the fourth. AND sams 13TH birthday is on the 11th. BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY. my birthday is may 17th. i was born in 2000. by maryvance.

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