Monday, August 1, 2011

D Children Photo-shoot

Just a few of my favorites...

Sweet Siblings!

~ Gracie ~
~ Zeke ~

~ Jochebed ~


ashley tahg said...

We went and saw them today, but couldn't see the littles, as they had hand, foot and mouth disease. Yuck!

I'm praying for the D. family so hard.

Cathy said...

Precious children, and another great photo shoot Molly!

Hey, I just realized.....for as long as I've wished it.....we may be able to have family pictures ala Molly after all!! Do you think you would be willing?

Molly said...

I think so too!
Thank you!

YES! I would love to do a photo shoot of your family! That would be so much fun!!
I can't wait to see y'all!!!

Cathy said...

We can't wait either! We are all so thankful that the Lord is making this 'impossible dream' a reality! We're counting down the won't be long!

Paige said...

What pretty pictures and children!