Friday, December 24, 2010

I know the font is kinda small... I'll just post the words here it case you can't make them out... :-D

"I stand upon Your promise Lord, You have a plan for me, and though I may not see it yet I’ll trust You faithfully. You have spoken into my heart a message strong and true, so I’ll gather up my courage Lord and humbly follow You."

This verse (from the song entitled "Trusting You") has really been encouraging to me lately... I know He has a plan for my life, but it's so very hard sometimes to just let go and trust Him.


Ruth Ann said...

beautiful, Molly. I love it. Trust is something that I'm always needing to learn... :)

ashley tahg said...

That is so beautiful!
When and where did you take that?

And, BTW, you need to change my blog name! It isn't 'sing a new song' anymore, I changed it back to 'Notes from the field'.

Molly said...

Ruth Ann -- Thank you!

Ashley -- Thanks! Uh... Mexico Beach I think, and I took it a while ago... May of 2009.

Oh yeah, that's right. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

ahh that's sooo pretty!!! =)