Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two Terrific Two Year Olds!

We, Jennifer and I as the photographers, and Sam as the 'court jester', took Nehemiah's and Landon's two year portraits last week... and as usual, they were a delight! It was a little difficult at times, but it all turned out wonderfully in the end! And, no, I can't believe they are TWO already!

We had trouble getting Nehemiah to laugh at first... until Sam had this brilliant idea to throw leaves on top of my head... Nehemiah laughed at that to say the least! :-D Rocking... Laughing... And just bein' plain "borable"!!
The Delightful Duo! I have no idea what Sam was doing at this point to make them laugh... ah, there's no tellin'!!
We love this one!!
Again, I'm not sure what Sam was doing...
but I love the thoughtful look on his face!


Ruth Ann said...

what CUTE pictures! and Nehemiah has the prettiest blue eyes! =)

ashley tahg said...


No way. there is NO possible way that time went THAT fast!