Friday, September 24, 2010

Our newest kittens...

These first two are from Liberty's last litter... Female on the left and male on the right... I don't know if we are going to name them or not... since we'll be finding new homes for them soon.The male is the first stub-tailed kitten we've had in a while! I think stub tails are so cute!
And the female is the fluffiest kitten I think we've ever had! She is adorable! :-)
And she has grey on the insides of her legs, and her underside!
And these two are from Biddy's last litter...
And this male has a lot of grey on his back... Finally we have something different!

Swiss was checking them out... :-)


ashley tahg said...

the little male with the gray on his back is TOO CUTE! to bad Daddy doesn't want another cat, even an outdoor one! Hope you find a good home for him (and all the rest too)

Jennifer Bates said...

I love the picture where Sam is holding the grey on in his hands--all curled up! :P