Saturday, May 22, 2010

New family photo...

Spring 2010 in Neosho MO.

P.S I haven't forgotten about posting vacation pictures... its just that we updated our blogger, and I really don't like the 'new' way to upload pictures... its harder for me... so I've just been putting it off... -rolling eyes-. :-D


Ruth Ann said...

I LOVE your new family picture! It is so great. =)

Oh, and your little sister's [Mary Grace?] outfit is *adorable*!! I love that color combo [turquoise & brown] and the way you did it with the tiered skirt and all is darling. Is it polk-a-dots on the fabric? I'd love to see a 'close-up' of her outfit if you have any!! =) And, I'm assuming y'all made, where did you get the fabric from?

Have a great day!

Molly said...

Thank you, Ruth Ann!!

Her name is MaryVance, so you almost had it right! ;-) Several people at church call her 'MaryBeth'... :-)

Thanks! I really like that color combo too! Yes, the fabric is polk-a-doted. Sure! I can post a close-up of MaryVance's outfit!
We bought the fabric from WalMart... :-)

Thanks! You too!!


Jennifer Bates said...

I love the backround! And the fact that you have UPDATED!!!! Now for your other blog......:P
Love ya sis!

Paige said...

I LOVE the picture Molly!


Molly said...

Jenn -- Thanks! LOL! You are so funny! :-D Yes... one of these days I'll update my other blog...
Love ya too! :-)

Paige -- Thank you!!