Thursday, March 11, 2010

Funny stories about food part 1

I was reading a 'Gaither Homecoming Magazine' the other night, and it had a page of "Now that's funny" food stories some of their readers had shared, and I thought it would be fun to share with you one of those stories a day... or whenever I get to it... :-)
So, here's the first one...

"Every week at our house, we have what we call "Family-Night-Pizza-Night-Movie-Night." My daughters, Carolina (11) and Olivia (8), and I make homemade pizza, create a huge mess for Momma to clean up in the kitchen, and then we all watch a movie together while feasting on our pizza. One night, our daughters were arguing over who would get the first piece. I saw this as an opportunity for a lesson, so I said "If Jesus were here, He would say 'I can wait. Let my sister have the first piece'" Carolina quickly turned to Olivia and said "Ok, you be Jesus!"


Paige said...

LOL, that's sooo funny!!! Thank you for sharing Molly!!

Can't wait for more!!

Molly said...

We thought it pretty funny too!!
You're welcome!