Thursday, January 7, 2010

Donkeys, Geese, and Goats...

First off, I suppose I should explain... Our neighbors asked us to 'be-friend' their donkeys so maybe we could de-worm them... well we have been going over there quite a bit lately... anyway, we decided we would name them so we wouldn't always be calling them "The Male, Granny, Mother, and Baby", kinda boring, right?! So, we named them after some characters from the 'The Apple Dumpling Gang' movie: (The Male) - Donavan, (Granny) - Clarice, (Mama) - Magnolia, (Baby) - Apple Dumpling... and probably just call it 'Dumplin'! :-)

Donavan Magnolia
Dumplin' Clarice Donavan and Clarice Canadian Geese Caleb feeding Dumplin'
Isaac holding 'Fawn'
Joseph holding 'Bucky
Fawn and Bucky meeting a cat... ;-D
Lady, Fawn, and Bucky
Nehemiah LOVES the kids!... So does Joey... :-)


Ashley said...

I L.O.V.E goats!!
and I think I'm beginning to like donkeys, what is Donavan's, Clarice's, Magnolia's and Dumplin's disposition like?


Paige said...

I LOVE the pictures Molly!!

I love donkeys. Dumplin is so cute! The little kids are cute too!

Are they beginning to trust you and your family?


Molly said...

Well Ashley... I don't really know how to explain their personalities... Um, Donavan isn't terribly friendly... you can bet him IF you are standing beside him and IF you don't touch his ears OR his face/head.

Clarice is a pretty nice donkey, you can pet her just about all over, and you can sometimes even pet her without holding a bucket of feed in your hand!

Magnolia... well, I don't feed her, so I don't really 'know' her too well... I do know that you can't pet her if you don't have feed... and only a little bit when you do have feed...

Dumplin', same case as Magnolia... you can't pet if you don't have feed, and only a little when you do.

They will all still take quite a bit of work...

Does that answer your question?

Paige Thanks! I do too!! :-)
Well, they are a little more 'trusting' than when we first started to feed them... but they still have quite a ways to go till we can deworm them, or do anything other than feed them...


Brian Underwood said...

Those Donkeys are so cute!! I love the baby one!!

Su said...

Awww! Love the donkey pics! Don't know why I didn't see this post before... Glad I saw it now, though. ;-)