Friday, October 30, 2009

Little Egg 'n' Small Snake...

One of our chickens laid this tiny egg the other day...
1 inch long... wow... now that is one tiny egg!! :-D
Sam found, well, actually the cats found this Baby Eastern Hog Nose Snake...
I must say I really *like* Hog Nose Snakes... and I'm sure you can see why... They play dead! It's so funny to watch them! When you roll them over, they immediately roll back over to their backs!
They also are a very pretty snake... :-D

Hhmm... somewhere we have some pictures of Caleb, Sam, and MaryVance holding Hog Nose snakes... hhmm... maybe I can find them....

Yeah! I found them! -- They were taken on: November 12, 2004
MaryVance - age 4
Sam - age 8 (?)
Caleb - age 11 (?)
Aww... they were so little! :-D But, you see what I mean about the snakes, right?

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