Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take a look at what the boys built!!

(The 'boys' meaning Caleb,Sam and Luke, Mama had the idea for it though :-) )
It's a "Lean to" for the dogs!!! (to keep their food dry while we're gone)
And the really good thing about 'it' is that 'it' didn't cost ANYTHING to build!!!! (meaning we had all the supplies on hand!! :-) )

A picture of the almost finished product (it started to rain before I could go outside and take the picture... I'll have to take one later )
Sam, posing for a pic with the "Lean to"

Caleb, putting on the finishing touches :-)


Ashley said...

Cool! I'm ure the Dogs will like it!

Dana Lewis said...

Thanks! the dog did like it, I think! :-).

-Molly <><