Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nehemiah LOVES Daisy!!

Daisy is the BEST dog! She lets the little ones climb all over her, and she just lies there, sometimes sleeping!
LOL! Elijah dressed her up the other day cause it was cold. :-D
See what I mean?!
Nehemiah also LOVES books! And music... so in this picture he's sitting on Daisy (who he loves), reading a book (which he loves to do), and listening to music (which he also loves)!!
Snugglin' with Dee See (that's how he says "Daisy")
I love the look on his face! :-)
NOO! Don't lick the dog!!
"You talkin' to me?"
See his new top teeth?! He now (at 14 months) has 4 teeth!
I guess that's better than Elijah and Isaac... they didn't have ANY teeth on their first birthdays!!
Daisy is laying flat on her back and Nehemiah was sitting on her stomach, bouncing... and she just laid there! :-D

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Ashley said...

that picture of Daisy wearing the hat is so funny!